Pursuing the long terms goals of the Company to diversify into agro business, the Company has purchased coffee estates at Madikere in Coorg District to an extent of about 600 acres. In fact, buoyed by the success of the first acquisition the company has identified and is acquiring another 2000 acres of coffee estates in the same location. It is further planned to process the rich harvest to a finished product to cater to the export market and maximize the returns on investment.

PIDCL Coffee Roasting & Grinding Unit, the unit where the coffee is processed is situated in sylvan vicinity, best suited for coffee processing with ambient temperature and moderate rains.

The factory equipped with State-of-the art coffee processing machinery produces the best grading results retaining the aroma of the coffee seeds.

The Roasting unit imported from Probat-Werke, Germany is rated as the best Roaster in the world